Working through the Corona virus pandemic

So far I have been lucky and Corona virus has had minimal impact on my business. I am hoping that as I can regularly go a whole day without speaking to anyone, then I can get away with working for a bit longer than most. Apart from my co-worker, I have no need to have contact with anyone and am outside for the whole day.

I have had one long-standing customer contact me to say that she had been made redundant and could no longer afford to keep me on. The majority of my work is on the grounds of blocks of flats, and I am hoping that these will not be effected quite as much as private houses. If people are isolated then they will want a nice garden to get out into.

We are now traveling to work in separate vehicles and always keeping 2 metres apart. All customers are keeping their distance and we are getting as much instruction as possible before we get to site via phone or email. I don’t feel that we are contributing in any way to the spread of the disease by carrying on working safely and people will get more depressed with this horrible situation if their gardens start getting out of control.

The governments financial support for me as a self employed worker would mean that if I did stop then I would get some money coming in. I would prefer to keep working and not have to claim this money, mostly because I have two very young children at home and if I am stuck in the house with them for 3 months I might go mad.